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Submitted on
November 23, 2012


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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 23, 2012, 12:21 AM
  • Mood: Joy

sometimes im just tired of it all really.

i feel like my family doesn't understand just what im like. they think im magically going to become comfortable being dragged around to public places. but im not. im awkward and uncomfortable, and i panic.

i really wish i wasnt like this, i have tried, and its never worked. i mean i had spent a few hours crying in the bathroom of a hospital on thansgiving for gods sake after sitting around for so long just for some stupid meds to get made for my cousin. yeah its gonna prevent her from catching what my uncle got, but jesus!

im just...tired of myself sometimes.

Next Kiriban: 100,000

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In-Fewer-Words Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh! We're both still alive! And you know what. I've been feeling exactly the same way as what you've described. I've been very depressed but you know, prayer and patience have done wonders for me. Now I'm finally getting over it.
SoulKeeperMistress Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
kida i will win the lottery buy an island and me you loki and rock lee will go to then we can import as many sexy gay men you want ^_^ and if your tired of someone you can sacrifice them to the valcano god i will even let you sacrifice me if i make you mad XD hugs and kisses all over girl miss yo bunches
Octane06 Nov 25, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Whatever you do, don't tear yourself down. You're frustrated with your currency, and I will never know how you feel, and I won't try to understand. Because it's impossible to fully understand another person's feelings since our stories and problems are so different. We can merely relate.
I'm saying, using the only advice I can give, is to stay positive. A really good cathartic cry or rant on paper won't hurt at all. It can actually help you feel better. Try not to think about it too much. And if you can't do that, then let it out. Holding it in will merely hurt you more. And I don't want you to hurt :(
Hey, maybe you can take that frustration out on art. Start drawing more. It doesn't have to be perfect. You don't have to post it. Just draw to draw. You'll be focusing your anxious energy to something more calming and fun.
thank you for the words UuU im personally thankful for this DA and for all my friends. there are always people that understand or try to understand or even try to cheer me up when im in a foul mood, and go off on dumb rants.
Octane06 Nov 28, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
That's what friends are for :) I'm sorry you're feeling so bad, I wish I could make it better
awesomeyuan Nov 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
*cuddles forever*
awesomeyuan Nov 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I know the feeling my friend
=_= my family doe's the same thing, i hate it so much i just wanna go home but instead i have to cry in the car for a few hours and hope my family lets everyone leave. ))
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